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Ashville's Memorable Season Ends in Huntsville

Ashville’s season came to an end on Thursday afternoon. They fell to Westminster Christian Academy at the AHSAA volleyball Super Regionals in Huntsville.  

The team has a great number of achievements to their name: an Area Championship, St. Clair County runner up, a 25-15 record, and a Super Regional birth. They have far exceeded the expectations that were set for them as they began their journey this summer. After months of work, these ladies have accomplished many things to be proud of, but the most important thing they have been able to attain has nothing to do with wins and losses.

This group of high school girls are the epitome of what team sports were designed to do. They have grown into a family, a unit that cannot be broken. Through sweat, blood, and today, tears, they have developed a special bond that is absent in most sports teams today. They have become champions in this respect, and that is all you can really ask of a team. This great accomplishment cannot be overshadowed by losses, and cannot be replaced with wins. It is something that lasts a lifetime.

“We feel like they’ve learned so much since two years ago being a two win team, and now being a 25 win team,” Coach Denise Mattison said. “I think they are great girls and are going to be successful people. That’s why they’ve made it as far as they have, and that’s all you can really hope for as a coach, to create successful people.”

Congratulations to the team on a great season. You all have represented the community of Ashville well, and the entire town is proud of you.

“It was amazing to see how our girls represented the community with class, character, and great effort,” Assistant Principal Ray Crump said. “Our student section showed a lot of class and character as well. I couldn’t be more proud of our girls and coaches.”

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