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Calvin Bailey


Tom Griffith


Jennifer Spears

Vice Chairman

Eve Potter



Mickey Farmer

Creative Solutions Trustee

Blake Vann

Boys' Basketball Trustee

Kevin Harris

Football Trustee


Golf Trustee

Lorrie Sawyer

Track & Field Trustee

Marcus Fincher

Wrestling Trustee

Phillip Pierce

Baseball Trustee

Justin Northam

Cross Country Trustee


Girls' Basketball Trustee

Wayne Knight

Boys' Soccer Trustee

Joanna Deweese

Softball Trustee

Stephanie Goodwin

Volleyball Trustee


Promote, Support, and Succeed!

The Ashville Sports Foundation works with the Ashville Creative Solutions Department to promote corporate partners and sponsors with new, engaging content, not seen anywhere else in high school athletics. 

With several live broadcast programs and new media projects distributed across numerous social media platforms, the Ashville Sports Foundation has the ability to engage with fans and viewers in a way that truly promotes the foundation's partners. Bulldog TV, Dawg Talk, Ashville Athletics LIVE Presented by J&K Tires, The Breakdown Presented by Shaw's BBQ, and many other programs distribute unique and relevant information to a massive audience spanning numerous age groups and demographics, promoting sponsors and partners across a range of new media. 

Facebook Statistics | August 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021

149.4 thousand minutes viewed - up 131% from 2019 - 2020

127.7 thousand video views - up 138% from 2019 - 2020

11.7 thousand viewers engaged - up 116% from 2019 - 2020

86.2 thousand people reached - up 43.7% from 2019 - 2020

126.5 thousand people engaged - up 124% from 2019 - 2020

*data as determined by Facebook Insights

Twitter Statistics | August 1, 2020 - May 1, 2021

194.8 thousand Tweet impressions

*data as determined by Twitter Analytics

Instagram Statistics | May 11,2021 - June 9, 2021

6.9 thousand post impressions

1, 082 profile visits

*data as determined by Instagram Insights

The Ashville Sports Foundation has a massive audience to which content and information can be distributed in creative and engaging ways. Contact a trustee and partner with the Ashville Sports Foundation to promote local students, local athletics, and local business to a wide audience on new and modern platforms.