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Ashville Football Kickoff - 2019
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Donate to the Ashville Sports Foundation to support our teams and our vision for progress. We pride ourselves on  the development of student-athletes by funding the resources that make modern high school athletics development successful and impactful. Whether it's the purchase of weight equipment or the renovation of a locker room, the Ashville Sports Foundation uses its donations to push the envelope and ensure our athletics programs are set to compete at the highest level with the best resources possible.


Fundraising is hard, but we embrace the opportunity to work with our community to raise money in support of our kids, coaches, and athletic success. Whether it's a sports banquet, silent auction, legacy gala, or community get-together, the Ashville Sports Foundation takes every opportunity to work with volunteers and community stake-holders on our mission to Develop, Build, and Win at Ashville High School. We are always looking for help and support in whatever project we have on our plate; so, feel free to volunteer and participate.


Our sponsors deliver the best support for the best student-athletes.  From large corporations to small, local businesses, the Ashville Sports Foundation enjoys every chance we get to show off business support in the most creative ways possible, whether it's with a banner or a commercial, the Ashville Sports Foundation will deliver the best marketing for our partners and sponsors. Their support is our promise to make Ashville Athletics the best in the state of Alabama.

Develop. Build. Win.

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Calvin Bailey, Chairman


Calvin is currently in his second year as Chairman of the Ashville Sports Foundation, leading the Board of Directors and the organization's vision to Develop, Build, and Win.

Jennifer Spears, Vice-Chair


Jennifer is in her second year as Vice-Chairman of the Foundation and assists Calvin with all details and matters related to business meetings and subcommittee projects.

Tom Griffith, Secretary


Tom is in his second year as Secretary, handling all paperwork and business related projects as they pertain to the organization of the Ashville Sports Foundation.

Eve Potter, Treasurer


In her second year as Treasurer, Eve maintains all accounting records and sets fiscal policy in accordance with directives from the Board while also managing all financial plans as they correlate to specific projects.

Josh Kell, Director-at-Large Place 1


An avid Ashville alum and community stake-holder, Josh Kell enters his first year on the Board of Directors with a focus on community development and engagement, acting as a liaison between the Foundation and other community organizations with the goal of improving support and long-term growth for Ashville Athletics.

Justin Northam, Director-at-Large Place 2


Justin enters his first year as a Director for the Ashville Sports Foundation but has served as a Trustee for over two years, helping grow and lead the organization from its infancy. Justin will advise the Board on growth plans and logistics.

Phillip Pierce, Director-at-Large Place 3


One of the longest serving Trustees in the organization's history, Phillip began his first year on the Board of Directors in 2022 to guide the organization with youth sports experience to lean on as the Board plans to expand relationships into the community while ensuring traditions and ideals are maintained.

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