Bobby Welch

Chairman - 205.369.8748

Tom Griffith

Secretary - 205.612.6443

Jay Stewart

Vice Chairman/Fundraising Director - 205.505.0599

Calvin Bailey

Treasurer - 256.504.8323


Mickey Farmer

Ashville Athletics/Creative Media Trustee - 256.393.7818

Tim Wilson

Boys' Basketball Trustee - 205.545.6193

Kevin Harris

Football Trustee - 205.919.9413


Golf Trustee - TBA

Lorrie Sawyer

Track & Field Trustee - 205.641.9701

Marcus Fincher

Wrestling Trustee - TBA

Phillip Pierce

Baseball Trustee - 251.209.1077

Justin Northam

Cross Country Trustee - 205.913.1502


Girls' Basketball Trustee - TBA

Wayne Knight

Boys' Soccer Trustee - 205.473.2118

Bubba Wills

Softball Trustee - TBA

John England

Volleyball Trustee - 205.213.0949


The Ashville Sports Foundation is driven to unite the parents, students, faculty, alumni, and community in the common interest of supporting and encouraging participation in interscholastic sports programs and recognizing the integral role athletics plays in the education and development of our students. This mission requires funding, which is the responsibility of the Ashville Sports Foundation as the fundraising arm of the Ashville High School Athletics Department. Therefore, the Foundation uses the sale of sponsorships to support these fundraising goals. The Foundation works with all local and national entities seeking sponsorship opportunities with AHS Athletics.

Below, you'll find pricing information for the Foundation's sponsorship packages and the features of each package. Above, you'll see examples of commercials produced by the Ashville Sports Foundation's Creative Media Department to promote and market our Green sponsors. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact any coach, trustee, or officer of the Foundation. Again, it is the Foundation's goal to promote Ashville High School's student-athletes, and the sponsors play a critical role in achieving Ashville's goals of superior athletic and academic development.