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The Ashville Athletics team is made almost entirely of alumni and community members dedicated to making Ashville High School sports the most promoted and engaging sports program in all of high school athletics. Between the producers, directors, interns, and on-air analysts, the "team behind the teams" continually sets the bar in high school sports coverage for the entire state of Alabama. Nobody does it better than Ashville Athletics.

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The Production Team

Nick Wilson - Director of Operations

Nick leads the athletic department's external affairs and special event operations, working to leverage resources to create engaging content for Ashville alumni and fans. This includes managing the overall broadcast and creative video strategy implemented by Ashville Athletics. 

Mickey Farmer - Associate Director of Creative Solutions

Mickey leads all Bulldog TV and The Rewind productions for the Creative Solutions Department and assists in most other Ashville Athletics productions as either a producer or writer.

Clint Thompson - Associate Director of Creative Solutions

Clint leads all Dawg Talk and Ashville Athletics LIVE productions for the Creative Solutions Department while working with Nick and Mickey on most other productions and projects.

Pam Farmer - Assistant Director of Creative Solutions

Pam works on Dawg Talk and Bulldog TV, co-producing and writing for both productions. Pam is also in charge of quality control for all productions, ensuring that the content produced is of a high-level on a consistent basis.

Ashville Athletics Creative Solutions Department

The "on-air" Crew

Calvin Bailey - Analyst

Calvin hosts Dawg Talk alongside Jay Stewart and Alex Farmer, providing the show with direction and quality interviews. Calvin also serves as a play-by-play analyst for Ashville Athletics' flagship sports broadcast program, Ashville Athletics LIVE

Jay Stewart - Analyst

Jay acts as a co-host of Dawg Talk with Alex Farmer and Calvin Bailey, interviewing players and coaches to get a peak behind the curtain on all of Ashville sports programs. As Ashville Athletics LIVE's color analyst, Jay breaks down all major sporting events on Ashville Athletics' flagship sports broadcast program. 

Kevin Moore - Analyst

Kevin hosts Bulldog TV alongside Mickey and Brandon Farmer, interviewing key community leaders while also serving as a sideline reporter for the Ashville Athletics LIVE production.


Alex Farmer - Analyst

Alex co-hosts Dawg Talk and serves as a statistician and analyst on Ashville Athletics LIVE, breaking down key components of the broadcast alongside Jay, Calvin, and Kevin.

Brandon Farmer - Analyst

Brandon co-hosts Bulldog TV and serves as a consultant for Ashville Athletics LIVE, assisting in the direction and analysis of sporting events on the flagship sports broadcast program for Ashville Athletics.

Ashville Baketball on Bulldog TV with Nick Wilson and Mickey Farmer
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