Bulldog TV - Ashville Athletics' flagship sports coverage program, Bulldog TV promotes community events, club sports, youth sports, and school sports. Created by Mickey Farmer and Nick Wilson in 2019 to engage fans and update the community on the happenings around Ashville, Bulldog TV has become a Sunday night staple during the school year where fans, coaches, athletes, and community stakeholders can interact with one another and promote the unique and positive things that surround Ashville High School.

The Breakdown - Ashville Athletics' in-depth interview program, The Breakdown was created by Nick Wilson and Mickey Farmer to give fans an inside look into the people and stories behind Ashville High School's sports tradition. With interviews like Kin Logan and Shea Monroe, The Breakdown serves as one of Ashville Athletics' banners of tradition and spirit, carrying on the stories of those that came before.

The Rewind Presented by Piggly Wiggly - Started as a way to relive the glory games of yesteryear, The Rewind was created by Mickey Farmer to give former players and fans a way to enjoy their contributions to Ashville sports by watching their games live with their family, friends, and former teammates engaged, telling stories, and reminiscing about the good times. 

Ashville Athletics LIVE Presented by J&K Tire - When COVID-19 struck Alabama in March of 2020, Nick Wilson and Clint Thompson immediately began game-planning new ways to engage fans that couldn't attend indoor sporting events at AHS. With a little help from the Ashville Sports Foundation and Hudl, Ashville's sports film partner, the production team put together St. Clair County's first sports live-stream with full broadcast capability. Titled Ashville Athletics LIVE, that's exactly what it was - Ashville Athletics that was live! With Calvin Bailey, Jay Stewart, Alex Farmer, Kevin Moore, and Brandon Farmer providing in-depth play-by-play and analysis, the production successfully engaged viewers in a way that no other 4A high school had done before in Alabama. With plans to expand during the 2021-2022 school year, Ashville Athletics LIVE is poised to become a major asset for Ashville Athletics.


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Nick Wilson began Ashville Bulldog Sports in 2012 as a student at Ashville High School. The name changed in 2014 to Ashville Athletics, and Mickey Farmer was the first person to join Nick in 2015.

Hoping to promote their school, community, and athletes better than anyone else in the state, Nick and Mickey set out to raise money to make sure everyone knew just how incredible the Bulldogs were...

Now, with numerous volunteers and support from the Ashville Sports Foundation, the Ashville Athletics Creative Solutions Department is one of the premiere sports marketing programs at the high school level across the southeastern United States with shows like Bulldog TV, Ashville Athletics LIVE, and The Rewind...and more coming soon...

The Production Team

Nick Wilson - Director of Operations and Creative Solutions

Nick works to lead the Creative Solutions Department as the lead designer and executive producer on all productions and projects. Nick co-created Dawg Talk, Bulldog TV, The Rewind, and The Breakdown with Mickey Farmer and Ashville Athletics LIVE with Clint Thompson. 

Mickey Farmer - Associate Director of Creative Solutions

Mickey leads all Bulldog TV and The Rewind productions for the Creative Solutions Department and assists in most other Ashville Athletics productions as either a producer or writer.

Clint Thompson - Associate Director of Creative Solutions

Clint leads all Dawg Talk and Ashville Athletics LIVE productions for the Creative Solutions Department while working with Nick and Mickey on most other productions and projects.

Pam Farmer - Assistant Director of Creative Solutions

Pam works on Dawg Talk and Bulldog TV, co-producing and writing for both productions. Pam is also in charge of quality control for all productions, ensuring that the content produced is of a high-level on a consistent basis.

The "on-air" Crew

Calvin Bailey - Analyst

Calvin hosts Dawg Talk alongside Jay Stewart and Alex Farmer, providing the show with direction and quality interviews. Calvin also serves as a play-by-play analyst for Ashville Athletics' flagship sports broadcast program, Ashville Athletics LIVE

Jay Stewart - Analyst

Jay acts as a co-host of Dawg Talk with Alex Farmer and Calvin Bailey, interviewing players and coaches to get a peak behind the curtain on all of Ashville sports programs. As Ashville Athletics LIVE's color analyst, Jay breaks down all major sporting events on Ashville Athletics' flagship sports broadcast program. 

Kevin Moore - Analyst

Kevin hosts Bulldog TV alongside Mickey and Brandon Farmer, interviewing key community leaders while also serving as a sideline reporter for the Ashville Athletics LIVE production.


Alex Farmer - Analyst

Alex co-hosts Dawg Talk and serves as a statistician and analyst on Ashville Athletics LIVE, breaking down key components of the broadcast alongside Jay, Calvin, and Kevin.

Brandon Farmer - Analyst

Brandon co-hosts Bulldog TV and serves as a consultant for Ashville Athletics LIVE, assisting in the direction and analysis of sporting events on the flagship sports broadcast program for Ashville Athletics.