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Ashville Soccer Announces New Logo and Brand

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Ashville High School Soccer unveiled new program logos and branding to meet modern apparel and digital media demands.
New Ashville Soccer Logos

The Ashville High School athletic department and soccer program announced new logos and branding for the upcoming 2023 season, replacing the original logo revealed immediately prior to the 2020 inaugural season.

The former Ashville Soccer logo compared to the new Ashville Soccer logo.
Former logo and the new logo

Holli Smith, Ashville Soccer's Head Coach/Sponsor, is pleased with the new design.

It's new, modern, and clean. We're excited about the future of the program, and this reflects the direction we see the team moving in the years to come.

Ashville Soccer will be wearing new uniforms this season as well, reaffirming the need for new branding that works as a visible marker for the program both on physical apparel and in the digital space.

Details of the new Ashville Soccer logo reveal a simpler design with chevrons and the Bruiser the Bulldog logo set against a simple, single-color background.
Details of the new Ashville Soccer logo

The most notable change to the logo is the removal of the script "A" and the addition of Ashville's Bruiser the Bulldog logo, showing coherence with the rest of Ashville High School's sports programs and teams.

With the simplification of the logo and mark, Ashville Athletics officials wanted to include an homage to Ashville in a simple yet meaningful manner. The two chevrons included at the bottom of the shield were inspired by the chevrons present on the crest of the Ash family, the namesake family of Ashville.

And with all three official school colors present in the logo in order of significance: kelly green, white, and burnt orange, the new logo fully embodies the spirit of Ashville Athletics.

Ashville Soccer plans to unveil its new uniforms and spirit wear by February 2023.

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