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Shea Monroe Steps Down as Athletic Director & Head Football Coach

Shea Monroe Steps Down
Shea Monroe served in numerous positions over his five year tenure at AHS, including Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, Assistant Softball Coach, and Offensive Coordinator - Football.

Shea Monroe, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach of the Ashville Bulldogs, steps down after three years in both positions and five years at AHS.

Hired in 2018 as Offensive Coordinator for Ashville Football and Assistant Softball Coach, Shea became the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach in 2020, ushering in a new era of community involvement and fundraising efforts.

Under Shea's guidance, David Todd Wilson Memorial Fieldhouse saw much needed renovations, the formation of the Ashville Sports Foundation unified athletic fundraising efforts, Ashville Football saw its first winning season in sixteen years, and Ashville Athletics saw its first team state championship in almost twenty years.

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