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County Tournament Recap

Freshmen (9th Grade Boys) Basketball Finals Springville 48, Moody 23: This Tigers basketball team started the day off with a victory over the Blue Devils in the only 9th Grade matchup in the 2020 St. Clair County Basketball Tournament. When the game was over, All-County players were selected and voted on - here are the results of the 2020 9th Grade St. Clair All-County Basketball Team: Mason Myers, Peyton Isbell, and Born Grant of Moody High School and Collin Lockhart, Hugh Windall, Alex Cox, and Tyler Harrison (MVP) of the Springville Tigers.

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Finals Springville, 30 Moody 22: Poor offensive production created in large part by defensive pressure from both teams resulted in a 9-9 halftime score. After the break, the Tigers were able to make a critical three point shot at the buzzer by Luke Richardson which ended the third period and made the score 22-18 in favor of the Tigers. After both teams displayed some offensive production in the third quarter, defense took the game back over in the fourth as the Tigers and Blue Devils only scored 8 and 4 points respectively. The 2020 St. Clair County All-County Basketball Team is: Jacob Wilson – Ashville; Owen Shaw and Kentrail Turner – Ragland; DJ Miller and Caden Pennington – St. Clair County; Adam Davis, Cody Zemore and Carson Dillishaw – Moody; Amari Cohen, Casen Kirk, Johnny Wolf, and Luke Richardson (MVP) – Springville.

Ashville RB/LB, Luke Ha