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The 2019 AHSPYS - Awards Like No Other

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

On Saturday evening, May 18th Ashville High School hosted the 1st annual AHSPYS, held at Flow of the Spirit Church in Ashville, which was an evening dedicated to honoring some of Ashville High’s athletes from all sports and sports teams recognized by the Alabama High School Athletic Association.

Many athletes were honored for not only their achievements athletically but were also honored for their behavior, character, and integrity off the field as well. It was a special time to honor an outstanding senior class that leaves a great legacy as they prepare for life after graduation. It was also a time to honor some of the future athletes of AHS as well. There were many athletes that went away with awards, and I am afraid to name them as I might leave someone out. However, I would like to recognize that the Jim Nunnally Award, given annually to the best AHS overall senior athlete was given to both Erika Williams and Chris Sanders.

Congratulations should also be given to Head Softball Coach Kristen Seals, who was chosen as Coach of the Year by her AHS coaching peers. Thanks to Flow Church for holding the event and the Cattleman's Association for preparing and cooking the over 350 steaks served over the course of the evening. There are so many others to thank such as Principal Janet Johnson, Assistant Principal Ray Crump, Mara and Denise Mattison, and the rest of the coaches at AHS who sacrificed their time this year away from their own families so that your AHS student-athlete could be successful in the classroom and on the field.

It was a unique and special event that no other high school in the region, maybe even the state, puts on for its student-athletes, showing that Ashville truly cares about our athletes and Ashville High School.

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