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Shea Monroe - New AD, Head Football Coach

Ashville Family,

My name is Shea Monroe, and it is my pleasure and honor to serve as your new Director of Athletics and Head Football Coach at Ashville High School. While I am new to these positions, I’ve had the opportunity to work at AHS for the previous two years. My experience working at AHS and learning about our kids and community has been one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling chapters of my professional career in both education and coaching.

I’ve gotten to know the people in this community that are incredibly proud to be Ashville Bulldogs and members of the Ashville Family. The businesses, the parents, the people that work hard to provide for their fellow Bulldogs, give me hope that our future as a community and school remain bright and positive.

Shea Monroe and family...

My goal is to encourage that familial spirit that pervades our community, to develop young men and women to take up the mantle to make Ashville better for themselves and their families, and to bring people together to make Ashville High School a place where all of Ashville can support our future workers, teachers, and community members.

My wife, Allison, and I are excited about the future for our family and the new roles we have in this community, and we thank you all for this opportunity. If you feel like talking or want to know more about my vision for AHS, email or swing by the high school. I’ll be more than happy to share my vision and hear your vision too.

God Bless, and GO DAWGS!

Shea Monroe


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