Nick Wilson is the Director of Operations and Creative Solutions. His daily tasks include coordinating department-wide athletic events, team activities, and logistics as well as developing overall strategy and digital media content for the Ashville Athletics brand and social media platforms, which may include LIVE broadcasts, videos, graphics, and photography. Nick coordinates the Ashville Athletics leadership team, working to create and develop new content ideas for Ashville fans and athletes. He leads a growing team of community members and Ashville High School students in his endeavors to create a unique and powerful digital media department within Ashville High School's athletic department. Nick also coaches alongside Shea Monroe and Paul Hawk on the offensive side of Ashville High School's football team.

A 2014 graduate of Ashville High School and a 2018 graduate of Auburn University, Nick Wilson is a major proponent of school athletics and student-athletes. He also supports active community membership in school functions, which aligns with his goals as a member of the Ashville Spirit Club. Nick founded Ashville Athletics in October 2012.

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